Monday, 26 January 2009

BOF episode 1-4 picspam.

WARNING: If you haven't read the title already, it's a picspam, so apologies if I killed your bandwidth. And there may be some spazzing ahead, too xP.

1. Jun Pyo -- This is the first time I actually like this character, haha! However, I wonder if I like him because he's different from the other Domyoujis. He does look intimidating and arrogant, and I get that he's got a hardened personality, but he was never mean/violent enough; the storyline never gave me much reason to hate him, to think that he's an asshole. In fact, sometimes I think if it's not because of his curls, I would have forgotten that he's Domyouji =X.

Being a retard -- What I mean is when he smiles like a big kid in delusion of JanDi being madly in love with him xD. And other retarded scenes, which actually make him likeable ^^.

Lee Min Ho's great acting

^When he saw JanDi after her transformation, and JiHoo asked her to dance.

^When JanDi grabbed him when she was drunk.

^When he saw JanDi's photos with that guy on the bed.

Looking hot xP

2. JunPyo/JanDi moments -- It's all thanks to Lee Min Ho that I'm liking this couple so early in the series xD.

^JunPyo fell into the pool and as he can't swim, JanDi went to save him and seeing that he wasn't waking up, administered CPR on him. But apparently he was doing it on purpose, and when he opened his eyes he pulled JanDi towards him (wanting to kiss her), which rightfully earned him a punch xDD.

^JunPyo wiping JanDi's nose when she was bleeding after getting hit by a ball. Can you see the concern on his face?

^JunPyo whisking JanDi away when she was caught in an awkward situation after witnessing JiHoo and SeoHyun's kiss.

^JunPyo telling JanDi that they should date, which she didn't catch. haha.

^The date, where he was sick and she took out some ancient-looking cloth to wrap him up ^^.

3. Ji Hoo -- I wish people would cut some slack on Hyunjoong. I'm objective and I know that his acting in the first 2/3 episodes wasn't that wonderful, but he's trying hard to improve, and he's been getting better. Rui isn't an easy role to act out, and while Shun (♥) definitely did a more than splendid job in it, why not give Hyunjoong time? Comparing him, a newbie in acting, to Shun, who already had a few acting gigs, isn't very fair. I hope he'll improve as the series goes on. Hyunjoong hwaiting :)!

^Looking at the comparison, I do think that he pulls off that blank/detached look of Rui well :).

Being amused by JanDi -- I like his little reactions in the background and such, when JanDi does something that amuses him ^^.

Just looking gorgeous -- WHAT xDDD.

3. JiHoo/JanDi -- I like how he's nice towards her, without being overly concerned. But I don't know, somehow I don't really feel that JanDi likes JiHoo that much =X. Anyway, there are other scenes of them which I like, but I can't find the pictures xP.

^One of the first few scenes of theirs, where JiHoo nonchalantly wiped JanDi's shirt after she got bullied.

^That look! *__*

^JiHoo was dancing stiffly, thinking that JanDi was stepping on his feet the whole time (lol), while JanDi was in heaven xP.

^This scene was very well done, imo. JiHoo hurt his fingers when the string of his violin snapped, and JanDi wrapped his finger with his handkerchief (which he lent her, in the first gif).

^The airport scene, where he thanked her for bringing him to his senses. It was very well done as well. He kissed her on her forehead, which made me swoon xPP. And look at JunPyo's face in the background! xDDD

4. EeJung -- KimBum is really, REALLY cute. His smile is kinda innocent, considering that he's supposed to be a playboy, but I think that smile would totally work on the ladies, so that's fine with me xDD. I'm hoping that EeJung will have some story of his own (with GaEul!), 'cos I'd want to see the great acting skills that all netizens who have watched him in East of Eden have been talking about ^^.

5. F4

^F4 goofing around xD. Hyunjoong's smile is so pretty xP.

^EeJung and WooBin look the most like good friends, for now ^^.

^LOLLIPOPS HAHAHA! What gave JunPyo the idea that walking around with a lollipop in his mouth was cool? xPP

6. Misc caps

^JanDi's family. The little brother is pretty cute xD.

^Seo Hyun (Han Chae Young). She's so pretty! *sigh*

And just because I'm biased..

^SS301 cameo! xD

7. Promo pics/behind-the-scenes


I'm still debating whether I should watch the 5th episode, since the subs for episode 6 isn't out yet. hmm.